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Les atouts de Gold-Europe-Cash

The services included in the offer:

  1. Loading in € without Bank
  2. Mastercard (prepaid)
  3. RIB
  4. Bank prohibited persons Accepted

The 20 € or 50 € electronic account pack includes the following services:

  • Transfers issued and received in the SEPA zone
  • Purchases at merchants and / or on the internet
  • The implementation of direct debits
  • The choice of payment limits (withdrawal and purchase limit)
  • Alerts by email and SMS as well as customer service by email and SMS
The advantages of Gold-Europe-Cash are to discreetly use its cash, after having sold its Gold

  • We are specialized if you want to sell a gold bar payable in Cash in electronic money usable worldwide with a Mastercard credit card not linked to the central bank of your country
  • Electronic money is money stored on electronic memories independently of a bank account. In the money supply categories, it is opposed to fiat money (coins and notes) or to bank money (deposit account).

Electronic Accounts

This electronic account allows us to transfer money, which will then be accessible via a prepaid Mastercard bank card, in your name or anonymously. It therefore allows people who do not meet the conditions for access to conventional banking services (banking prohibited), to pay and withdraw cash in cash with a bank card, but also to be transferred or withdraw money on their electronic account (even homeless).

A bespoke service
More than a counter, God Europe Cash is your partner in the sale of gold through a credited settlement on a Mastercard credit card, which you can use in the world. We advise you in a personalized way.

A single phone call to schedule an appointment !...

Do you have any questions about the sale of gold in cash?
Our entire team is at your disposal if you have any questions. Please contact us now via online support,

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