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We don't sell gold bullion!... we buy !...

We specialize in buying Lingo Gold, without making a transfer to your current account,
presenting great risks for the seller to be caught by the tax authorities of his country.
We have the solution contact us ! ...
The advantages of Gold-Europe-Cash are to discreetly use its cash, after having sold its Gold !...

Discretion assured

  • Your safety and comfort are our priorities. We welcome you in a discreet and secure environment for all your gold sales.
  • Note that if you sell gold in a country of the European Union, and the payment of this sale is made
  • by a transfer to your current account, you.
  • will be caught by the tax authorities of your country to settle the tax, and to justify the provenance of the Gold (Ingot).

Selling Gold

  • You can sell gold, be settled on a MasterCard credit card published exclusively to your name usable in the world.
  • We welcome you by phone in French or English, in order to schedule an appointment for a buyback of 250g to 1000g bullion.


Contact us for your

Mastercard application

We will give you the procedure to create your Mastercard application with an official body that is not linked to the central bank of your country, even the banking bans have access to this international card.

Montant illimitée 

Gold Europe cash, buy your gold (Gold Bar) by appointment in cash.

  • After planning an appointment at your home, or directly in the vault of your bank.
  • Whatever the quantity and without limitation of amount.
  • The credit will be made immediately against the Gold value on your Mastercard credit card in front of you via the internet.


You have the right to sell gold!

  • Selling gold discreetly, in cash, is getting more and more complicated.
  • Many people give it up.
  • At Gold Europe Cash thanks to our extreme discretion, take advantage of a gold buyout payable by credit to a MasterCard credit card in your name usable worldwide until its zero balance.
  • Above all, do not use your bank account.
  • Taking your identity is necessary for accounting and legal purposes. Your sale remains strictly confidential.
  • The advantages of Gold-Europe-Cash are to discreetly use its cash, after having sold its Gold !...
We are specialized if you want to sell a gold bar payable in Cash in electronic money
can be used worldwide with a Mastercard credit card linked to any central bank.

A bespoke service
More than a counter, God Europe Cash is your partner in the sale of gold through a credited settlement on a Mastercard credit card, which you can use in the world. We advise you in a personalized way.

A single phone call to schedule an appointment !...

Do you have any questions about the sale of gold in cash?
Our entire team is at your disposal if you have any questions. Please contact us now via online support,

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